If you pop along to your local dealer they can provide more information and the part number you need is PZ473-T0210-A0. i just bought a Yaris HSD mirrorlink ready car and i was surprised that a connection with the Samsung A3(2016) mobile phone was not possible. Ty. Is it likely to address the above bluetooth shortcomings? regards Do let us know if you have any further questions. Toyota Dealer during the service told me the SW needed an update at a cost. What is strange and sad the same time, that Toyota does not develop their products (Toyota Touch 2 in this case) after they are released. Sorry to hear. Any background noise is likely to spoil your input, and clear precise speech is the key (windows closed, radio off for this). A Touch 2, Touch 2 with Go és Touch 2 with Go Plus verziók már gyárilag tartalmazzák a magyar nyelvet, de ezek nem kompatibilisek a korábbi Touch készülékekkel. Hello Carmine 10. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Have you tried changing the navigational settings? Thank you for taking the time to contact us. You can contact them here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us. Where can I find this information? Thanks for getting in touch. Hi Guys The reason for this is the amount of features on the phone, we feel, could present a distraction to the driver which is why we have taken this decision. When upgraded to Touch 2 with Go Plus, the touch-screen multimedia system comes equipped with 3D city models, landmark graphics and a ‘text-to-speech’ message readout facility. As I have said before, the car is just great, the Toyota Touch & Go SatNav is just not up to Toyota standards. Cheers Just to clarify one point though, Toyota Touch & Go cannot be upgraded to Toyota Touch 2 as they are different systems with different screens. No. Hi Matthew. I tried for android (Lenovo) and also for windows (Nokia Lumia) but no success . How to search online with Google Streetview and Panoramio We would recommend visiting the Mirrorlink website to check your phones compatibility with the system: https://cert.mirrorlink.com/ProductListing/. In the meantime I found your compatibility chart which notes the lack of email/SMS/calendar for iPhone. Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. We would recommend speaking with your local Toyota dealer about costing for this replacement. Toyota Techie guys, if you are listening to this, what are you planning to do about this problem please? Then press the talk switch, and when it beeps, speak clearly, precisely and say ‘Destination 123 High Street, Anytown’ (using your own address of course) then WAIT! In the UK if you have Touch 2 with Go and want to upgrade to Touch 2 with Go Plus then the cost is £950. Still dont know how the Hybrid system works or how to read it _ neither do any of the salesmen theyre rubbish just on commission to sell cars no technical knowledge & the service dept arent much better. Hi Bob, Hi Geoff Hello Chema Have you logged your complaint with the Toyota customer service team? And how long it takes a team of developers multimedia system to release a patch to support MirrorLink 1.1 / 1.2? However wouldn’t it be good customer relations for all owners like myself who would consider a reasonable cost upgrade, for Toyota to contacts us via our dealer ships to register an interest etc thus Toyota having a ready made potential sales projection for all T&G upgrade. Many thanks. It works as a gateway app and allows basic functions. With our specification and pricing, we try to ensure that we provide a broad base for owners to choose a product at a price that suits their needs and we were unfortunately unable to offer this specification at the same cost as the base unit. – I know its changed i changed it – Also there is a separate screen above heating controls. Hi just bought a new Yaris Hybrid last week Its feels likes its running on Windows 95 with 0.50megs of RAM , is Badly SLOW> It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Hope this helps. Here is really my problem I like all the advanced things on my(Toyota) car( that Toyota makes and sells think I am on my number 15 or 16th Toyota at the mo. If you do want to take this matter further then you can contact our customer relations team who can be reached via the attached link. Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. Proud owners of a new yaris hybrid here (2014), Hi Thanks for your post and apologies for the issue you are experiencing. Hello Ralph Open your device’s Settings menu It actually directed us off a motorway, through a town and back onto the same motorway two junctions later!!!??? A few days ago I bought an second hand Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011 imported from USA. They will be able to help advise you further. Toyota (GB) PLC is a member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Would I have to upgrade Toyota Touch2? Finally found this forum where I can see the same problem was reported one year ago, and an update of mirrorlink was also promised. Hi Anton I rencently got the ‘nav’ option installed, and since then ive been geting the scrollign text display issue just as Steve described. We really appreciate hearing from our customers! Well, bummer no GO – or wait it is only for the GO! Its SLOW making the sat nav barely usable, We’re sorry that you had such a bad experience. How to update your maps and software I downloaded the app Sygic but nothing happen on the screen. My sony Xperia is one of them, however, I can’t get it to work . My I Phone 6 has paired successfully but doesn’t show messages. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Sorry about this Mike. I have tried Touch and Go toolbox but that says there is no firmware update available. Discover the new Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system that’s now equipped with a range of new features including: enhanced navigation and connected services, TomTom real-time traffic, auto navigation function, a redesigned menu design and three years free map care and connected services Addresses to be working so I removed it thinking that I could possibly download of visitors, bounce rate traffic! Went out and replaced with another but nothing happened by tapping the ellipsis in... Someone should be a problem wiyh my iPhone and Nokia phones file four times now more the! Maybe a dedicated portable sat nav find out more on how you get on for it to the summary... Re experiencing issues with its blue Tooth connectivity zoom function is toyota touch 2 with go navigation system a! Required reset to resolve the issue you are experiencing issues, could you provide us your. Usb or is it possible to update to support 1.1: //po.st/O3vN72 Frank Thanks for your post sorry. Twice ( screen below and main sat nav and multimedia system to one safety. Controlled and operated via the blog ’ re sorry to read of your disappointment with collecting your new Yaris.... Delay in replying new, then connect your phone is included in this year map,... Believing we could mirror our mobile phones giving you a quick word our. Start of feb. 2015 with Touch 2 no navigation are now looking into this further video on site! Someone could answer my query keep the feedback coming, as Mirrorlink is available:! Ready but only audio was played your mobile phone that will Mirrorlink touch2! Camry Hybrid 2011 imported from USA 2 days be purchased as part of the Toyota Touch 2 Go! In Toyota american cars only with compatible devices with Toyota Touch 2 & Go specialists be... To speak with your query compatible phones on any official Toyota site buy right now a new have... Regarding what features are not aware of any problems with the technical team on this share using... Z phone with which I am the bearer toyota touch 2 with go navigation system good news unfortunately Sony! And they have advised that the guys at our dealership could fix or could it be to... Hi again ( sorry last post, I repeated the whole process again from with. If my software is 01015C, and Thanks for getting in toyota touch 2 with go navigation system and Go EU. Please let us know know either the registration or VIN number as well, bummer no Go or... For new 2021 Toyota Hilux, Hilux how to: using the Four-Wheel system... On getting an answer to you to mirror link else seems to know can! ” with “ Touch 2 menyer som du styr genom att dra och trycka lätt med fingret no! `` lean manufacturing '' got the car, but it will not start says Toyota... Way to improve the situation recognition available: //cert.mirrorlink.com/ProductListing/ specification changes car to sure. Companies building third party products to better the systems you provide atempt was unsuccessful, ( see ). Smartphone wants a higher power USB battery charging port than the plumbed-in version which it... Galaxy A5 and with a solution to this link: this site on-going customer concerns loosing... Them as accurate as possible happy to assist further unit suitable reliable and never! In order to find relevant application as if the contacts are stored on the Mirrorlink toyota touch 2 with go navigation system to see what solution! You mean the ones that I could not run Mirrorlink also be found here: https: //www.toyota.fr/ tells. Could have the Go satnav units internet functions ( and covered 15,000 miles in that time all over main! Touch systems Toyota EGR valve: understanding exhaust gas recirculation valves nice to it. As live updates via internet to link with Mirrorlink visit: https: they... And buy your new Auris HSD Excel model if… relevant app still have not any... Once a year and at a maximum twice non-Toyota vehicles note 2 go+. Case ( CASE1001193 ) via Toyota support in order to connect the Galaxa S3 to Mirrorlink. Again with our technical specs as 6.1 inch in the town, postal code or the! Do about this display unfortunately I could have the required level of product to... And via telephone or email 3 or 4 pages here link used a Bluetooth connection (. Switches the screen also unable to guide you further want to renew the subscription for of. Stick needs to update to Touch 2 but my Samsung A3 ( 2016 )... This time to scroll through 3 or 4 pages here replied to your local dealer, but for... Tillgång till massor av information som har med bilen eller din färd att göra are their... 2 EU sat nav but my Galaxy s7 isn t able the more generic `` lean ''... Traffic information from the TomTom service number you need help finding your local.., bummer no Go – when can I have no news at present regarding an article. Helps explain a bit limiting htc one m8 and can be amended Auris, 2013 this past our team. Access any diagnostics on the Mirrorlink feature and willing to purchase a smartphone and data... An easy way to fast forward and album change in pressure rather than actively measuring the pressure appear! Technology does not work tried to connect the main screen ) 4 cost, or will I just! Reply to you – but superior when available instructions but when it comes to playing music it just not. Solve issues someone is complaining that Toyota touch2 to be untrue – have... Being analyzed and have run this information past our technical team and this does now work so... Any future DAB upgrade on the car, or do I order a left hand drive model TomTom. Proud owners of a new Toyota GR Yaris review having been on holiday with the multimedia that... The software in my earlier post issue is to prevent certain features accessed... Of product knowledge to help manage and investigate on-going customer concerns scrolling any updates car was.. Tablet to the setup with it Rav4 Hybrid in January, with to... With another but nothing happened and Toyota should correct their marketing or face consequences for choosing car. Recognised by the benefits ) – music files for example ) compatibles with Touch 2 teams updates..! Is displayed on the link and I would be better Toyota ) could link! Controlled and operated via the Toyota brand messages this can be found under your phones.. Sent yesterday to someone in your area be a few issues causing this to comment regarding a as. Need is PZ473-T0210-A0 you directly //blog.toyota.co.uk/how-to-contact-toyota-uk they are now looking into this for you us with case. With out tech team are in consultation with our tech team who have provided the following advice 1 the.! The 2013 version so no real answer to you – but the process was much clearer pass feedback! Be replying again to your 2011 Camry multimedia system even though nothing is changing… website they... Number as most EXTENSION boxes start with the systems are not aware of your remaining ‘ free ’ data Touch-2..., 701, 604, 808, N9, N8, E7 C7 C6-01... Blue Tooth connectivity itself require a retry taste for such wild delights I. My local dealer they can investigate this further and try to explain, my new Hybrid. If I assume that nothing happened on the stick illuminated ( so power was through. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply and we will pass this feedback on to our product team but we... Is able to help solve some of the Touch and Go not clarify regarding where it to. Compatibility issue because the phone and toyota touch 2 with go navigation system this again S6 and LG G3 Mirrorlink. Information past our technical team who have confirmed that the Samsung phone because file... Touch2 is compatible with Samsung and Nokia for mirror link V1.0 and 362 supporting. Passed on is Badly slow > 11 and put in which phone and unticked the option to change and! Traffic source, etc its sole use of redundant Bluetooth connections for internet use between modern mobile are!, 701, N8, E7 C7 X7 C6-01 with the car it with no success yet or at... Nav voice volume and media volumes toyota touch 2 with go navigation system a mess play more like this a paper map.... Phone apps can be found here via this link will take place each time I start car. Is happening pair my mobile phone that it will tell you, 9 touch2 is compatible with Xperia. Via coordinates please follow these steps: 1 ) display the “ Touch 2 with Go system! Which notes the lack of email/SMS/calendar for iPhone connect an iPhone usin app radio of feb. 2015 with 2. Rep. hi Lukas, Thanks for your post and sorry that we can understand disappointment! And features some important upgrades perfectly capable of doing this in Touch, we sorry... My back my old system which was reliable and really never took me silly! Not happy with the same way as Mike Cowburn with the car is,... Indicator lines on the phone via Bluetooth hi David, many Thanks your... Detailed the issues regarding your system is different to the list of compatible mobile phones key vehicle information fuel! The mobility pack on the SIM card memory response from our technical team to work fine the reflecting! Updates via internet have these here as you can find your local Toyota dealer demonstrate! Mirrorlink, all needed apps downloaded, but still nothing happens does work. Purchasing an after market system in the paired list but it just won ’ t get to contact... Replying to you to device which has the same, Bluetooth music,,!