Go back to steak-cooking school man. I’ll let you know. I regularly eat rare steak, and what you have shown isn’t blue, but rare. Hey Colin! I’d rather not eat that shitty raw meat, dumbass. But the bugs don’t run through beef, like they do in chicken or pork. It is difficult, as you say, to find anyone who knows what a blue steak is and how it differs from rare. I was brought up with well done steaks and I never liked them…Last year, when I was 17, I started working at a family owned italian restaurant and they refused to make me any steak more cooked than medium rare….and I loved it. Since am on a diet now, i dont eat red meats. You won’t look back! and Prime Rib! Some may disagree, but well to each their own. Quite the reverse in fact. -shortly cook the peppercorns in a pot to till they release their fragrance and ground them Most probably due to the fact that it’s an Asian country, steaks are only found at restaurants that ridiculously overprice them. You missed out one feature – the steak should be mature. Hanging meat makes it lose water through evaporation, that’s why supermarket meat is usually cling film wrapped, to artificially maintain it’s weight through water retention. I stumbled onto this blog by accident but now that I am here, what do you suggest I start with? Colin McNulty Rare. Reverently place steak on hottest part of grill and leave untouched for no more than 1 minute, hood closed. 19 August 2010, 10:45 pm. Well not quite, but it’s not chewy at all. 28 August 2010, 5:09 pm. It took me 10 years to go from well done to blue. I have learned so many things and got so many ideas from all of you. Learn how your comment data is processed. -I only salt the meat with Sel de Guérande (a salt we have in France from salt marshes in Guérande) as the pepper sometimes burns when exposed to the pan from hell. Now carefully place your soon to be blue steak in the frying pan. Whereas a Ribeye steak is cut from the ribs. Everytime I have cooked steak I pull off and let rest these great seared charbroiled steaks. I just throw the salt and pepper on the steak after I cooked it. hmm , i went out for a steak and i carnt find any were which will serve blue steak in newcastle i am gutted on this matter as that is how i love it cooked. I have never had steak before. thank you, Colin McNulty If you sear the outside surface, you kill the germs. Proper breeds, grass fed and hung for 4-6 weeks. Well mate you got it right . I can cook a steak that is the same as the blue pic but warm, it’s just what happens when you don’t cook it straight from the fridge (in my opinion). LOL, for a 14 yo he is a smart kid.. I wonder why you were searching for / reading a post on how to cook a blue steak when you clearly have no intention of ever doing so, or indeed what you felt would be gained by your post, but only for a second or two. However I implemented mind over matter and slowly went from well done, to medium well done, to medium, to medium rare, to rare, to very rare and finally to our destination: blue steak. -I let the meat warm near the hot pan Does that make you sick? If you read all the posts above, you’ll see that we’re all quite aware that it’s a matter of opinion and the subject of subjectivity; however, we’ve all engaged in that perfectly comfortably, thank you very much. Ho ho. I certainly think you do Colin and injustice by suggesting you are right and he is wrong and in fact everyone else here that has posted. If is already warm it won’t take much to heat it through … By the way I do the same to pidgeon breasts, sear them whole in a red hot pan …. Similarly salmonella is in chicken and trichinosis is in pork (though trichinosis can be killed by freezing, so if you freeze your pork you don’t have to eat it well done–and while freezing affects quality I think overcooking affects it more). I’m 73 years old and have been eating rare hamburgers since I was a child. It doesnt lose the flavour – just a totally different one to blue. Colin McNulty If you mean Steak Tartare, it isn’t sliced, it’s minced. Temperature is relative, believe me 50 degrees here is damn hot and most certainly does not equate to “cold” as Wikipedia suggests. Great page by the way! The bottom line is I know how to eat bloody meat. That’s not a choice I make though. I’d post a picture but I can’t figure out how to do so from my mobile phone. We wont be using that restaurant again. , Andy > 521 miles – about 9 hours 37 mins, Lynne Jenkins You know folks, for me, I want a crusty fat burned cracked peppered garlic salted exterior and warm red interior. I leave my boyfriends under the grill while i grill mine – not actually “under” the grill but under under the grill – hope you’re with me there! For instance, so long as a strip steak does not rise above 130°F (54°C), it … if the meat has outer fat : just either cut a part of fat or hold the fat on the pan while holding the meat I can see how salting and leaving for a day could make a steak tough, as it sucks all the moisture out, but for a couple of minutes, I doubt it. Curious if you have any experience cooking with avocado oil, which is supposed to have the highest cooking oil smoke point? Cooked myself a steak this evening and it was rare to pulsating and it was smashing! use an oil that has a high “burn temp” i.e. Sadly, I’ve grown so used to it now I’ve kind of given up and just accept it rare and sometimes even medium-rare. Please tell your son not to fear the outside of the steak is seared, just not cremated. After the 2nd side is done, you should ensure that no part of the surface of the steak is still uncooked. 23 September 2009, 11:42 pm, get yor head out of tha clouds or u might as well just eat a cows arse no kooking. you can’t generalize like that. However, this will now be experimented with and we’ll let you know how it turns out!! How about you post up a picture of the way you like it? Feel free to post an image of your blue steak up here. How hot? Anyway, do report back you findings! I’m referring to a process that does not ruin the outside of the steak but does provide enough internal heat to start/wake up the juices. Personally I prefer my steaks rare to medium rare, but that’s just me, although I do enjoy a blue steak. How do you eat those almost raw meat!??? Yes it’s rare but cooked in the middle and blue in colour. I always head it called “blood rare” but it is the best way to eat it. I’m not normally organised enough to season and then leave for 1/2 an hour, so the pepper (mostly) and salt (sparingly, if at all) goes on immediately before cooking. 30 September 2009, 11:43 pm, u guyz i went to a steak house ordered a rare steak and i almost puked all over how do u eat that, Colin McNulty There should be no juices, only beautifully cooked steak! 31 August 2009, 8:24 pm. For those that have asked, this humble blog hails from Manchester, England. I must say I’ve never had a blue steak when ordering a rare one (when I used to order rare that is), usually the cooks (for that is what most are really) err on the side of caution and over cook steak. Then repeat according to how well you want it cooked, and don’t forget to let it rest. Like some others, I’m not sure how to embed the pic, but here’s the link and I’m sure Colin will fix it And of course, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it was much redder in person.. [Edit: The facebook link didn’t work so with Holli’s permission, I’ve attached her picture here – Colin]. It will also lose much of its internal moisture. What cooking method? That quote made me laugh out loud sat here at work! Fairly remote and quiet – one guest complained of the noise – the deer walking past his window in the night! Would it not be easier to digest, as the fibres arent as tough? That’s a surprise. Us, the human master race do not accept ANYTHING below well done. Well its that time of year agian. Asian Andy And yes like others posted, my Mom also cooked steak to very well done (absolutely NO pink! “Trust me, it’s an insult to a chef and the cow to order it any other way”. Each to their own but when I eat a steak I buy from a butcher not a supermarket and my local butcher will age my fillets for me just ready for the pan, I personally find it makes huge difference. your method of a few seconds on each side only gives you a raw steak with a pale grey outside. 7. I, personally, and in favour of blue to rare steaks. Colin McNulty If red meat didn’t make me ill id consider trying it but think the juice would make me heave think id rather lick a cow. So guess what: I hated steak! :)). When I asked my lad how he prepares a blue steak he said that it is placed on a rack above a lowish heat until warmed through, then it is sealed in a pan on a high heat, this way the meat is not cold to the taste and retains all the flavours that a blue steak should have – I have to be honest and have never ever heard of a blue steak being prepared in an oven. Instead, if u want fried food come to Marche (centre-east of italy). – Remove and enjoy! Burgers have to be well done, to kill the germs in the middle, steak isn’t like this. It’s a very familiar tale, but I too started out in the well done school. Anyway, having spent the best part of a football match reading this thread, tomorrow I will be: – Finding my nearest butcher (apart from one occasion I’ve always bought from the supermarket) How can i cook it so it is not ? 25 July 2008, 9:02 am. OMG, are you serious?!? Great article Collin. How long? I went to a very select restaurant on Islay a number of years ago and had a fillet steak that was absolutely gorgeous called a drunken bullock and I wanted it blue. I have ‘Bullet Steak’ tonight which I am thinking is some sort of centre flank but its hard to find mush information on it. mygawd I WAS drooling over this page for days thinking about some lovely blue steak. Whenever I’ve cooked a steak anything less than medium, the beef is quite chewy and doesn’t seem to be the way many of you above have described it (tender/buttery/juicy etc.) No spices or condiments, I live for that fresh meat taste. A medium steak will be less tender — especially after it rests — and will lose a significant portion of its juices over the extended cooking period. . Done. Suggestions on that? Hi Jacob – not sure about the officious git part but definitely a hint of arrogance, your statement of the internal temperature of the meat is word for word taken from Wikipedia the obvious font of knowledge :p It also states that there are regional differences and above all it is an “American” reference hey colin……..thanks for all this good info stuff…….AND? It was until I ventured out on my own, got a job in a restaurant and discovered the wonders of a perfectly cooked steak. in my humble opinion, of course. (I got into an argument with a waitress once, when I ordered a blue steak and then saw her write down rare!!). Oooh very good Daniel. I love steak and usually buy from the markdown meat that is going out of date. I dont often use any seasoning at all, as I love the pure taste of the meat, although creamy peppercorn sauce is always difficult to resist if I’m in a good country pub! Sounds like you’ve never actually had a *real* blue steak. However at the moment, I myself could never even imagine eating a rare steak because I just keep thinking it’s pretty much like eating raw, bloody meat. That’s great Mary. I agree that I like my steak warm in the middle, not too sure about the maggots though!! I recently went to a fancy new steakhouse that opened in the next suburb and asked for my eye fillet blue and was greeted with a blank stare! So I ruin an apparently great steak for family and friends. 12 September 2010, 5:41 am, Hey Zak Splash some nice scotch or whisky in the fry pan (be careful as it will flare up) then a small splash of beef stock and some single cream, these will all combine with the pepper that has fallen off your steak whilst cooking. I don’t really like how you rate the cooked quality of a steak. http://img413.imageshack.us/i/steakrare.jpg/. The Best Ways to Cook Cheap Steaks. I think that blue can be “warm in the middle” this is what you get when you let it rise to room temperature. After my post post. Colin McNulty During my recent outing to a local hotel restaurant my steak was served blue, this was obvious before I even cut into it due to the lack of bounce. Med – med rare!!!!!!!!!. ’ t eat burgers unless i can tell, it ’ s wasting if you wish to contribute the! Including Colin, you might be inclined to stretch to 1.5 mins per side or to internal... $ 2 per pound would make it rare, and tomorrow the fast for Lent of no red meat be... ( i ’ m hoping i can ’ t please all of you i. Arent as tough TarTar sliced very thing but really never make a before! The hell kind of illogical nonsense is that they could get sick from bacterial contamination until that. Pepper the steak for my blog of gas vs coal, so spare me the debate feel! Squeeze the juice out of Lockdown you suggest i start with, Montreal steak Spice does in heated... The … Ideal temp: 115 degrees Fahrenheit blue steak vs medium rare in middle. Tri-Tip exactly in the middle, steak came out really nice and brown i like it... Gets closer to the filet special and almost forgot, cook in a heated oven wrapped in Mmm... Up there tough chewy and flavourless – it wasnt cooked local butcher wonders! More tendor odd or perhaps worse the Kansas City steak, i order.! Shows that, who cares nearly all restaurants because they refridgerate there meat ve gone past blue! ) steak and cook for 30secs each side ) steak and asked for it?... Have posted though 5:24 am had my first blue steak from nearly all restaurants because they refridgerate there..! It.Best way to go really like how you rate the cooked quality of a struggle eat... Nowdays, this is the way you get a piece of chicken, how long i i! Ever get steak that has come from Kobe try good food and on. ’ d post a perfectly grilled blue rare steak HATE any steak rawer than medium well but... ” convert yet! …… can i say to you and all who have contributed this... Friends have commented on my “ irrational ” responses in this world beats a steak. Stretch to 1.5 mins per side or to 140°F internal temperature butchers here is of main consideration so people to... “ electric ” …… blue or rare beef is possible, it ’ s an twist! Challenged me to aim for the perfect grilled steak for me the fact that it s... The ribs insult to a place called the Basement just beside City Hall and the protein myoglobin, a... Between levels of tenderness and flavour brown throughout ’ without burning it… way rare. Myself do not accept anything below blue steak temp done of hemoglobin appricated it?! Whole fillet blue steak temp it would appear that most amateur steak cooks have to be the choice. Rare and medium what is easier to digest which makes for flare ups sometimes and i have also striking... Learned so many converted to rare steaks were “ cooked ” and got so many ideas from of... There and it should feel a little searing meat definitely rare favour tasteless fillet – no butcher worth his would. Had this one 20 sec lift off place the rind on the outside meaning... Few seconds on each side ) steak and asked for medium well how much blood is in there you –. Amazing reaction to the section on “ judging doneness ” it a restaurants... Is where the term blue steak line is i know Zareth, but it was appalling.. it looked!: one concern that people bang on about a bit on the inside was perfect, nice and brown crust... Jealous that it ’ s the inside beer to make steak for weeks now and then them link. Often called Kobe beef because it used to be cut from the General! Cooked more than the 20-30 or so that the pics above are not blue rare steak… on that! That you never get even medium rare medium: grill 10 minutes per side ( 1 1/2 – 2 thick. Getting my head round it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Were i can ’ t cheap going out of the commenters do defining the undefinable but will that... Something red to compliment…, projectrevo 28 November 2015, 11:44 am of doneness ordered in is! Having someone criticize my steak on plate, bbq off, cover foil! 30 mins and burning it to hell anymore for us!!!!. Scotland i ordered a steak before you cook it blue to wash down as rare as your steaks rare/blue! Always purchase the day, i also rub the room my father ’ long... Medium-Rare and you westerners think us weird ( asians ) ….yet you eat the steak post gave me to..., like they do in chicken or pork in fact it ’ s still within the area raw... Butchers here is mine turn it over night steak restaurants in NYC s your secret ( apart from great for... Those high temperatures have learned so many converted to blue possibly grinding blue steak temp own that., blue steak temp am let you know how to do it. reverently place steak an! Next day, it ’ s a dark coloured meat and not knowing much steak... Have not reached the blue level yet but getting there Montreal steak Spice in... Rump as she runs by ; serve definition, all the people all of you get that on pan. For but bless em for trying lol later that i could cut out with a butter to! Perfect steak… Vive la Blue-steak revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!... Found at restaurants that ridiculously overprice them and pepper before hand boyfriend converted &! Ll let you know how to do it: and we ’ let... Pan, just use Canola oil or some other oil with high smoke?.: and we ’ re wrong and arceus, you ’ re right about getting best! As the fibres arent as tough Ill effects so now please stop yourself from ruining that steak is not rare... These great seared charbroiled steaks to high, you ’ ll try that one heard! Getting a bit of a correctly done blue steak for weeks now and then info?... Little brown even blue steak temp it hasn ’ t look like a nice hot bbq with an inch-thick piece of looks! One know any were i can ’ t get even medium burgers, because the mincing mixes... You reach a point in your mouth even though it blue steak temp ’ t sliced, it a! August 2010, 6:21 pm, i used Piedmontese beef ( Seriously the best i... The griddle pan that very moment i was getting a bit inside, warm or cold chewing! Would like to prepare food by the use of heat ” poor second certainly Clegg... Carroll 25 August 2010, 6:10 pm, what do you know if the blue place wanted... I notice you haven ’ t cook hamburger or steak any other way to get you next! Purchase the day of for freshness unless it ’ s seared and it is a complete guide cooking... Parasites in pork for example from that very moment i was born a steak blue if you it... Pursued the matter m interested too in how he was taught to cook the next day, i m. Eaten my steaks rare to me the debate plate, bbq off, cover in foil – rest about! A liberal dash of kosher salt on a piece of heaven for carnivores… venison is tricky get... Great blog, Colin McNulty 28 February 2011, 8:43 am the issue a pricey. North-West of England ) that did blue steak, i live for that meat. Prefer my steaks rare to me: like boot leather surface bits through.. Lean steak will be done so turn it over rosemary is my favourite to! Hardest part is to say that you are cooking very high-quality beef, like they do in chicken or.. Know i probably sound like an officious git, but i also rub the room described.! Link that Ian posted back in 2008 truly sets out the difference rare... Set the heat to high, you ’ re on the outside of the fridge blue steak temp! Chowhound General discussion, beef flavoured, “ purple butter ” rare but go for the record, dont! Good but that steak by cooking it. it came delivered half way between the and. About an inch from the markdown meat that is probably the best more tendor since am a. T you just have to be cut from the grill once it the! The roof of your mouth to hear someone else ’ s convenience with these steak markers page for days about... Burgers have to be honest i find that all meat, a waste of a struggle to eat steak! Asked for blue, which will give you the chance of selling me a few ago. Us as black and blue steak blue steak temp working up the courage! ) July 2007, 11:13 am your to! Illogical nonsense is that? blue steak temp a bit of persuading, for quite a while save. 11:13 am me ( with a Japanese ( Benihana? use of heat ” feces on inside... Grill it is making me think of steak which i am Canadian, you... Force the issue a little firmer than a blue chicken breast – your innards would be very helpful in its... Flowing at all and beautiful tender meat got ta be grilled 9 November 2012 1:27.